Djay Dz, lived most whole life in Beijing, China where he started his career and his love for music!

Inspired by Beijing’s Club DJs as well as DJs from all around the world fused with his interests in music, he decided to collect some CDs and get into a life of DeeJaying. Starting of in underground parties. Djay Dz started out as Dj Kableguys assistant over countless parties Djay Dz than ventured out to find his own way.

However, closely every time looking back to where it all began. In 2005 Mixtape Entertainment was made. This group served the hungry Teens who wanted to part but also be amoungst friends. Dj Kableguy and Djay Dz formally then Dayvo gave the crowd what they wanted. Moving from bars and small clubs across the Beijing nightlife scene Mixtape grew and become a hip Hop/ Rap Power House in the Jing.

Now, Djay DZ is at Crank Records tag teamed with Mc Rachi, Dj PQ, Yung’ En where the four are now the Bongo DSM (DAR-ES-SALAAM, Tanzania) killer entertainment team. Blazing Mixes made by Crank for Crank use the four are lighting the air waves and Creating noise not only by there Music but there unique scene of clothing (CRANK D3SIGN).